Get a better firmware for your MP3 player – you might even be able to play DOOM

If you’re not interested in reading my little story let me get right to the chase – the software is called rockbox: it’s a free replacement firmware for digital music players.

My Story

I’ve been a happy owner of a SanDisk Sansa Clip Zip mp3 player for the last year.  Unfortunately the device started acting up in and finally died on me yesterday.  I’ve contributed the termination to my excessive perspiration during exercise – specifically during spin classes.

Looking through general suggestions covering the topic of “a good fitness mp3 player” I still couldn’t find a better product.  As a result I will be picking up another Sansa device at the local gadget store.

As always as part of my investigation I came across something interesting.  SanDisk provides two similar devices Sansa Clip Zip and Sansa Clip+. Although the Zip is a newer version with a larger screen there is a big issue with the device: the interface does not provides a time lapse information for an active songs [an extremely useful feature that existed in the older Clip+ version].

Turns out there’s a work around. Rockbox is a free firmware solution that provides a vast array of features for various devices.  I learned to live with the old Clip Zip, but now I look forward to getting my hands on a new device with improved capabilities.

PS: if you look at the youtube video that I’ve added you will get a glimpse of what rockbox offers.  And yes, you can even play a miniature version of doom – how awesome is that!!!

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