SAP Enterprise Portal: setting up self registration

The steps involved in setting up the self registration process are relatively simple.  You need to have administrative access and perform the following steps:

Enabling Self Registration

  1. Log in with administrative credentials
  2. Navigate to System Administration – System Configuration – UME Configuration
  3. Select Notification E-Mail tab
  4. Here you will be able to enable parameters that are associated with the self registration process – I won’t bother explaining which parameters should be enabled – all of them are self explanatory.
  5. Save

Assigning a default role to new users

Without completing this step the process will not take effect.  Every new user must be associated with a default role, here’s how you go about accomplishing this.

  1. Navigate to User Administration
  2. Create a new role ZNEW_USER
  3. Select Assigned Actions tab
  4. Add a new action: Selfregister_User
  5. Save

Rebooting the SAP instance

The final step required in this process is the reboot of the server.



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