JetBrains changing keyboard shortcuts

WebStorm is a keyboard-centric IDE. Most of the actions (navigation, refactoring, debugging, etc.) can be carried out without using a mouse, which lets dramatically increase coding speed. If you had used another IDE for a while and have memorized your favorite keyboard shortcuts, you can use them all in WebStorm.

Pre-configured keymaps are not editable. If you need to change some shortcuts, create a copy of the desired keymap, and then modify as required.

All user-defined keymaps are stored in separate configuration files under the config/keymaps subdirectory in the WebStorm profile directory:

  • Windows and *NIX systems: <User home>/.WebStorm<xx>/config/keymaps

Each keymap file contains only differences between the current and the parent keymaps.

Configuring the Shortcuts in the IDE

  1. Start with opening the Settings Dialog pannel using one of the of the following options
  • Press: Ctrl+Alt+S
  • On the main toolbar, click settings
  • On the main menu, choose: File – Settings
  • Press: Ctrl+Alt+A, type settings and press Enter Settings
  1. Select/Search for Keymap
  2. In the Keymap window search for Close locating the action Editor Tab – Close which should have an associated keyboard shortcut of Ctrl+F4
  3. Double click on the item opening the Enter Keyboard Shortcut window
  4. Hit the desired NEW keyboard shortcut
  5. Select the Ok button
  6. You will get the following warning: The shortcut is already assigned to other actions. Do you want to remove other assignments?
  7. Select the Removebutton
  8. Select Ok button on the main window

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