SAP: SD & FI – Accounting Document not Generated when creating SD Billing document

While creating standard SD Billing Documents with references to either Sales Order/Deliveries I kept running in to a problem: the dialog message at the bottom of the screen kept displaying the VF050 message “Document 90596335 saved (no accounting document generated).“.

I’ve tried looking at code in the RV_INVOICE_DOCUMENT_ADD function module but wasn’t able to get any results.

Finally, after some research I tried the following:

  1. Run transaction VFX3 for Release billing Documents for Accounting report
  2. Select any of the available Billing Documents and click the Release to Accounting button [green arrow]
  3. This resulted in a failure and allowed me to access the logs using the Notes button [Shift + F5]
  4. Here I was finally able to see the cause of the problem: “No taxes on sales/purch.are allowed for account xxxxxx YYY, O0 is not allowed
  5. To fix that run transaction FS00 for Edit G/L Account Centrally
  6. Go to Control Data tab
  7. Change the Tax Category field to *
  8. Save

This fixed my problem, i was then able to release pending billing documents for Accounting and similarly when creating new Billing Documents from Sales Orders and Deliveries the system automatically generated a corresponding Accounting Documents.

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