Problem connecting Yungnuo RF-602TX to the YN560-III flash

I’ve been using the standard combination with the RF-602TX trigger and RF-602RX receivers with my old SB600 flashes.  When I finally got around to purchasing a brand new YN560-III with a built in radio frequency receiver I was excited to say the least.

To my big disappointment when I popped in the batteries and tried to sync the two devices nothing was happening.  I’ve read the menu, made sure that the channels were correct [even tried switching the channels] but nothing was working.  In addition my old set up was working perfectly.

Finally I found a post online that talked about the actual solution to the problem.  By default the new flash YN560-III comes configured to respond to the RF-603 devices.  And that is why nothing was working.

This is what I had to do to change the default configuration:

  1. Power on the YN560-III unit
  2. Select the left-most two buttons activating the advanced menue
  3. Using the arrow keys cycle through to the “rF 603” display
  4. Once there use the arrow keys to switch the setting to 602
  5. Press the middle “ok” button

Once these steps are complete your flashes will work as expected.

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