SAP BODS: Data Integrator Supplement for SAP

pdf-imate-150x150Attached to the post is a great overview document that identifies custom configurations that are required to facilitate specific functionality required by the BODS extractors from any given SAP system.

The Chapters in the document include:

  • Chapter 2: Data Integrator in the SAP R/3 Environment: this chapter will cover a list of interfaces including ABAP/BAPI/IDOCs
  • Chapter 3: SAP Datastores
  • Chapter 4: SAP R/3 and File Formats
  • Chapter 5: SAP R/3 and R/3 Data Flows
  • Chapter 6: IDocs and Batch Jobs
  • Chapter 7: SAP R/3 and Real-Time Jobs
  • Chapter 8: Executing Batch Jobs and Contain R/3 Data Flows
  • Chapter 9: SAP R/3 Version Checking
  • Chapter 10: Executing Batch Jobs in the SAP BW Environment
  • Chapter 11: Capturing Changed Data in SAP R/3


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