SAP BODS: Error Message: Repository does not contain object for type .

A common process of updating a production BODS environment has been interrupted by the following error while attempting to get a latest version of an object from the Central Repository: Error Message: Repository <repo_name> does not contain object <sy> for type <Function>.

Investigation Steps

  1. I tried randomly use a function sy with success within the <repo_name> – that told me that the function was part of the pre-built environment
  2. Looking at the actual changes [DataFlows and R3Flows] it was evident that no new changes were being introduced but rather the existing flow of the data has been re-arranged; meaning that the R3 flows that were causing the error already existed in the <repo_name> and logically could not be causing an issue
  3. I did confirm that the daily scheduled jobs did run without errors

Temporary Solution

Given that I was able to successfully utilize the check-in/out processes in other environments I’ve considered that this could be a problem with a BusinessObjects Data Services Designer; so I tried logging in to the same <repo_name> from a different client.  At that point I was able to properly get the latest version of the desired BusinessObject elements from the Central Repository.

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