Adobe Flex Builder 3 short dump [JVM terminated. Exit code=1…]

Flex 3 Error screen-shotI was using Adobe Flex Builder 3 [AF3] for a few weeks now.I like what has been done with the application, the new functionality is very useful and there is a ton of new options that can be configured while designing your applications.

Unforchunately similarly to it’s predecessor there are major bugs in AF3.A week ago for no apparent reason the application stopped working.Every time ran the application it threw a short dump before initializing the EDI.

I’ve tried reinstalling the application and even removed the old versions of JRE references.Nothing helped and just as before I had to rely to googling and looking at configuration files.

The problem lied in the small FlexBuilder.ini file located in the root installation directory.The contents of the file included the following settings:


I’ve modified the contents to exclude the last lines and vuala, the application went back to it’s usual state [sure I lost all my projects but its nice to have a working EDI once again].

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