Books and Novels [a typical relaxing weekend]

Deception Point & Underworld: Evolution

Finishing my third novel by Dan Brown took me longer than I expected.  Fascinated by his first two books Da Vinci Code and Angels & Demons I was eager to read Deception Point.  Unfortunately to my surprise the book did not live up to its predecessors [in terms of sequential reading].

Maybe it the plot or the description of characters or maybe it was simply the fact that a conspiracy generated by the American government administration does not seem to be as such a surprise anymore.  In general I felt that it was a mediocre read with a few humorous/exciting moments.  I was originally hoping to read Digital Fortress but now I am having second thoughts. I wonder what should be the next thing that would occupy me on they subway ride home, for now the stare down with the crazy Torontonians will have to do the trick.


Besides the book I also got the chance to watch the new installment of an ongoing vampire vs. werewolf saga Underworld: Evolution. I found the first movie very intriguing. A few weeks ago I spoke with a Vam-natic [Vampire Flic Fanatic] girl and learned that introduction of a hybrid species was a major no-no in the world of vampire genres.  Clearly I was very disappointed to hear that the probability of seeing Michael Corvin was very slim to none.  I was pleasantly surprised when that proved to be quite false.

Underworld: Evolution is a direct continuation of the first movie [1h after the first movie ended].  This one captures more of the history allowing audience to appreciate the magnitude of the vampire legacy. With very few cheesy moments, a great historical story line, and an abundance of blood drenchingbloody fighting scenes, Underworld: Evolution has proven to be a worthy sequel.

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