Winter wonderland

Weather conditions get more and more dramatic with every passing year. Typically when ever the temperatures drop and the snow begins to fall I eagerly start checking the weather network [examining weekly forecasts in search of a perfect day to go skiing].  This Sunday was one of those perfect days.

Despite lack of good night rest and a nagging two hour drive the spectacle before my eyes filled me with excitement. Etched through by slim tree-lines you could see little dots slowly coming down the mountain, the rush has began and I was eager to join the fun.  Quickly strapping all my equipment I was ready to hit the slopes in matter of minutes. Once on the hill I was not disappointed, the tracks were well groomed [typical annoyance of a bumpy slope was eliminated].  Because this was a Sunday a large chunk of population already gone home so the lines-ups were nothing to complain about either.

Approximately at noon we decided to take our well deserved lunch.  While arriving at one of the mountain bases we noticed a luxurious room [slightly hidden by semi one-way windows].  Eager to sit down and rest we jogged to the location and claimed our spots. Of course this room was not a typical place where every other Joe could enjoy a fine cooked meal, it was an employees lounge [hence all the available spaces].  Surprisingly no one bothered to asks us to leave [not that we would have, the hell hole that was happening in the neighboring public-area was not something I was looking forward to join and was willing to put up a fight to remain where I was].

After a rejuvenating lunch we continued our assault on the mountain and managed to ski for four straight hours.  Taking another break was an essential part of keeping our energy going.  While the snow-plover machines buffered the slopes for the evening stretch I slowly sipped my hot chocolate with my feel elevated in parallel angle to the ground.  There is nothing better then drinking a hot-sugar-filled beverage right before the final push.

After energetic pit stop I [as usual] was eager to get back on the slopes. As we left our warm surroundings for the final time some of my companions were a little hesitant about starting up again.  Although I did not share their feelings I could not blame them, we covered more then enough ground for one day and this was simply an attempt to get our money’s worth.  As a result I decided to go ahead and test [how fast] I can go. Leaving my comrades behind, I began my one hour sprint.  Originally I hoped to do ten runs in one hour but after taking five minutes to get up on the hill I realized the impossibility of my benchmark. Taking no more then a minute to get down the hill I managed to finish eight spectacular rushes.  Keeping up with some youthful races only helped my motivation.

On our return, fully pumped with adrenaline I turned in to a blabbering machine, talking non stop for almost two hours.  Those in the car were quite surprised with the abundance of energy that I was providing, and for that matter quite eager to find out that so much talking eventually sprained my voice.

In retrospect the day was a brilliant combination of good company and perfect skiing conditions.  If the weather remains good, I will surely try to come back and conquer the mountain yet another time.

Until we meet again,

Yours truly,

Adrenaline Junky!

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