SAP Portal 7.3: Creating Custom Layouts

SAP Portal 7.3 is out and ready to be played with. A simple how-to guide for creating a custom Layout can be examined in the attached PDF document.  The creation and deployment process is quite straight forward.  One step that I had an issue with is adding the new layout to the list of Default Templates.

When you complete the step of creating a Delta Link in the Portal Content -> Templates -> WPC Templates -> Layouts directory make sure that you open the properties of a new object and check off a property Is Template.  Without completing this step the newly created layout will not be displayed amongst the standard few.

  1. Navya Reply
    I am unable to find the is template property .Could you please let me know where exectly is this property as i am unable to get the custom layout in the dropdown
  2. maxtmax Reply
    Creating a Delta Link is described in the pdf document above [step 4.3.2]. When the step is complete you have generated a new Layout object. Right click on the layout object and select object properties. When the property window loads one of the options should be "Is Template" check box.

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