SAP: Enterprise Portal: Reset/Reload PCD object

When updating PCD with new objects one might run in to a problem with cashing/ghosting [old objects remaining active].  Two simple methods that would allow you to counteract this problem are:

  1. Restart SAP Enterprise Portal
  2. Restart one of dependant Portal Application
    • In my scenario I needed to update the component
    • First upload the PAR file via
    • System Administration -> Support -> Support Desk
    • Portal Runtime -> Administration Console
    • Once the PAR file is uploaded go back to Portal Runtime and select Application Console
    • Pick from the drop down list and click show button
    • Notice that one of the depending components is
    • In the same screen use the drop down to navigate to the depending component and click show button
    • Notice a refresh hyperlink under State column
    • Click and wait for the system to refresh the components – you won’t be able to access portal contents until the applications are refreshed

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