SAP: MaxDB Password re-set procedure [version 7.6, 7.7, 7.8]

The original reference to the procedure can be found at Matt Bartlett’s website [very useful guide].

The Issue

I ran in to an issue where the database log has reached the capacity and required a backup. To accomplish this I needed access to the installed MaxDB instance. I was working with a demo system and was unable to get access to the database via typical administration login credentials.

The Solution

Ideally take a backup first and if you’re able to bring the database down before editing then all the better, failing that a reboot immediately after seems to keep things happy. I have seen an error once or twice when then first changing the password but re-trying the command has always cleared things up.

System Specifications

Version: MaxDB 7.8


Find the target user in the upc file, paste in a both password hashes as shown which sets to ‘password’. Save and reboot.

Hashcode: 358883B07AA93121891B4A932433115FB3DC1CC00B5027D8
Hashcode: 041819B201CD7CA6281FC4507B5F3866145D8A61D7246E1FD928


Setting the dbm users password to ‘newpassword’ with both the older version of dbmcli found in the database manager tool and then with current version, this keep everything in a happy consistent state.


That in a nutshell fixed the problem

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